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    Alexis Zano Review on Hemodialysis DIET,ACTIVITY, FOLLOW UP


    Alexis Zano Review on Hemodialysis DIET,ACTIVITY, FOLLOW UP Empty Alexis Zano Review on Hemodialysis DIET,ACTIVITY, FOLLOW UP

    Post  *alexus on Mon 13 Jul 2009, 12:49 am

    Alexis Zano Review on Hemodialysis DIET

    Nutritional status of the client with End Stage Renal Disease undergoing hemodialysis should be assessed thoroughly. Nurses should be knowledgeable in all aspect of the clients condition. Researches that focus on the wellbeing of the client with End Stage Renal Disease undergoing hemodialysis specifically their diet must be reviewed by the care giver in able to discuss, and deliver prompt care, change the misconceptions and lastly contribute to the clients’ wellbeing. The research entitled “The prevalence and nutritional implications of fast food consumption among hemodialysis patients” shows that among clients who consumed more fast foods had higher calorie, carbohydrates, saturated fats and sodium intake that could aggravate and increase the clients risk for complications. Nurses should then advise the client to minimize the consumption of fast foods as to prevent further complications.

    Alexis Zano Review on Hemodialysis ACTIVITY

    Clients undergoing hemodialysis often complaints of being unable to perform activity that needs more effort except for the simple self care routine. Few researches had published to overcome such dilemma. Muscle atrophy ,myophaty, malnutrition and creatinine deficiency are common problems resulting to body weakness. The research entitled “ Exercise training during hemodialysis improves strength, power and physical performance in maintenance hemodialysis” discussed effective ways of promoting physical activities, enhance muscle strength and more importantly improving clients cardiopulmonary condition. The study proves that a complete short term, low work rate, progressive, recumbent, leg cycle endurance testing could drastically increases and enhance the client cardiopulmonary and muscle strength. Not all nurses are knowledgeable to this technique, so we MSN aspirants should discuss this technique with our colleagues in able to maintain and improve clients wellness thru health teaching. More over the research entitled “Effects of resistance exercise training and Nandrolone Deconoate on body composition and muscle function among patients who receive hemodialysis” shows that administration of Nandrolone Decanoate with training exercises could increase the clients muscle size and strength.

    Alexis Zano Review on Hemodialysis – FOLLOW UP CARE

    Complications brought by hemodialysis should be considered and known by the client before the treatment. Impaired glucose tolerance is one of the complications manifested after hemodialysis treatment. The study of Agrani et al. revealed that 22% or 12 out of the 50 patients undergoing hemodialysis manifested signs of impaired glucose tolerance. The study also concludes that client undergoing HD are considered vulnerable or at high risk for cardiovascular diseases, that could lead to the development of further complications. Furthermore clients should be aware of the signs and symptoms of impending cardiovascular complications, with that prompt intervention must be done. Razz

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