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    Escape from Cluelessness By Bolman and Deal


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    Post  rochelette_sarmiento on Thu 02 Sep 2010, 10:09 pm

    I believe that it is essential for the managers to understand and work with intrinsic drive for control or, the drive to avoid the feeling of cluelessness. The essential to feel a sense of control over one’s experience sot that an employees will not feel out of control and cluelessness for it affects every aspect of the employees like the behaviour and performance.

    The greater the authority, the less feedback they got from others about how the behaviour affects those around them. Many CEOs get less truthful feedback, less reality testing than most supervisors. This makes it more essential for higher level managers to be taught how to encourage feedback.

    To avoid cluelessness it will be better if the manager will make it comfortable for the employees to speak honestly. The more comfortable they are of speaking up, the less they feel the need to express displeasure through counterproductive behaviour and disengagement.

    I would like to suggest that organization should have a common practice with high morale and high productivity to check with the employees every now and then and ask if there is anything that the company was doing that really bother them. the managers should always ask the employees to ask how they are doing and about how they are doing to assist the employee do their job.

    Managers should attend seminars so the team would know that they are going to try something new and better ways of managing and let them know the areas they plan on working on. This will prevent the employees to become clueless that comes from wondering if team members will think or say.

    It is now the turn of the employees to help the managers learn how to make it safe for the people to speak candidly. Except for the most assertive individuals who don’t change regardless of who they are talking to. When employees don’t feel like they have to weigh the pros and cons of speaking up, but can talk candidly with their boss or to senior management, they’re more likely to provide you with the information you need to address the situation that is creating distress. By doing this, you get employees who can focus on their work, not on the things that make it hard for them to do their jobs well. You also minimize turnover.

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