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    Group II Synthesis: Authentic Leadership


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    Group II Synthesis: Authentic Leadership Empty Group II Synthesis: Authentic Leadership

    Post  Noriel_Pili on Mon 18 Jul 2011, 2:38 am

    The combination of thoughts and understanding of the theory lead our group to think that authentic leadership is a good theory, appropriate and ideal. We agree to the fresh and enhanced concepts of the theory although they may be hard to turn into practice. The theory proposed that an attribute of a leader is being able to utilize self-regulatory processes (self- awareness, balanced processing, authentic behaviors and rational transparency) so that decisions and behaviors will be parallel with core values, emotions, motives and goals therefore influencing followers through consistency and integrity. Wong stated that authentic leadership is making a difference in organizations by helping people to find meaning and worth at work, build optimism and commitment among followers, encourage transparent relationships that build trust, and promote inclusive and positive ethical environment. All constitute to realizing that the work is necessary in the satisfaction of career growth and essential to the organization.

    There are numerous points of interest in the theory. Authentic leadership is highlighted in this synthesis as: self-regulation, self-awareness, trusting relationships, influence, attainment of healthy working environment. We agree to the theory’s concept of self- regulation which we think necessitates a leader’s maturity and years of experience. Although age and years of experience may not necessarily indicate one’s ability to utilize self-regulatory processes, we believe that leadership is developed and enhanced through years of practice, persistence and feedback from followers, colleagues and mentors. For our group, leadership is a journey, it cannot be accomplished overnight. A journey that can enable daily activities turn into strong credibility as a influenced by self-awareness.

    Self-awareness is most emphasized among the self-regulatory processes. We believe that self-awareness grounds personal and social growth. Self- awareness is accomplished through reflection. It is indeed necessary for a leader for it helps develop a leader’s strong sense of self. In any situation a leader with a strong sense of self knows where to stand. Through a stable and credible self-awareness with the influence of a strong foundation of ethical and professional values, leaders will be able to unleash their maximum ability to be servant leader of their pack, and in turn, trust from subordinates flourish. Trusting relationships make the entire organizational intact and blossom into a healthy working environment, and further influence each participant. It is an open, two-way street.

    A nursing leader must be able to influence her followers. Embodying positive attributes through self-regulatory processes may already influence followers but communication is also important. Communication and cooperation of both parties play a vital role in relationships, and relationship is the core of leadership. A leader without cooperation from followers cannot be considered successful. Leaders are part of the working environment. Its like X is to Y; that a good relationship with followers yields to being able to create a healthy working environment for all.

    Maintaining a healthy work environment is a challenge. It is not something that is achieved quickly. Once you have established a healthy work environment, there is still an ongoing process. Effective leadership is necessary, as well as the commitment of the nursing staff. Nurses must be active participants in this process and not merely onlookers. As part of our nature, nurses are always up to a challenge. Every nurse and ill patient deserves a healthy work environment. As nurses, we must take the necessary steps to develop and maintain a healthy work environment for ourselves and our patients. It takes work and is not always easy, but it is something we all deserve. This healthy working environment may serve as a rewarding result of authentic leadership.

    Since the transitions in nursing field is as fast as lightning, the subordinates or followers are left with themselves only, that only few great leaders are left, that authentic leaders leave the country, less force to guide the amateur followers. However, instead of being stuck with whatever they have, this should be seen by followers as challenge for themselves, because their leaders were once followers. There is more to them than meets their eyes. We should unfold our strengths, for tomorrow is yet unwritten. We should be leaders within ourselves before we can lead others. We need to invite self-awareness, review and nurture values and ethics, and act for the followers to be moving with the growth as well. Our integrity lies on those aspects. We should be growing authentic leaders than have none in the future. But a question will be raised as will the amount of self motivation be congruent to achieve authentic leadership in accordance with the fast-paced and very stressful profession? Change is the only thing that is constant. If today's world be in fast pacing, will the transition leadership change to the authentic one be successful? and since every nurse can be an authentic leader, can everyone keep up with the race of change?

    Guide Questions:

    1.What is your position in authentic leadership as difficult to turn into practice?

    2. do you concede in the idea that age and years of experience are essential to become an authentic leader?

    3. How will the amateur and growing leaders mold themselves to become authentic leaders regardless of the fast transitions or change in their profession?

    4. In this imperfect and competitive world, how do you illustrate an authentic leader? Are they among us? Do they live among us??

    5. The principles of leadership is highly vast, which may lead one to think -- Being an authentic leader could mean as being a SUPERHUMAN? How can that happen?

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    Group II Synthesis: Authentic Leadership Empty Re: Group II Synthesis: Authentic Leadership

    Post  TheConchitinaLluch on Mon 18 Jul 2011, 9:10 am

    Yup yup, imagine the great responsibility and power a leader has. He has the ability to influence the others. That's why they influence greatly the success/failure of a group (note that they only influence, not the main reason for success or failure). But let me just say that I still believe that there are still authentic nursing leaders in our country, and i am not only referring to those in position. And for sure, they are making a change in their own little ways. cheers

    The next five paragraphs will answer your guide questions.

    Just like we have said in our paper, the theory somehow requires the person to be perfect, but it doesn't mean we cannot strive to achieve it. I mean, self-awareness seems so easy to attain, that you just need to know yourself, and BOOM. you're getting closer to be an authentic leader. but no, it doesnt work that way. getting to know yourself is dynamic. you may never fully know yourself immediately because everyday as you live, you can still learn and discover. I agree with you that it's a journey. It always is.

    Somehow I do believe that age and experience play a role. I mean, it takes maturity and extensive experience for one to be a good leader. Some may argue that age aint a factor, and to some degree, i agree with that. But for this matter on leadership, i think age really is a factor, for with age comes more experiences. and i am talking in general terms and referring to people in general.

    Growing leader? Like me? queen haha lol! Well, it's really up to us (because as nurses, we are all leaders) if we want to be the best leaders we can be. I mean, the main concept of the theory is self-awareness, so it is highly dependent on the person. A quick transition in their profession won't be a factor, then.

    I really am Ms. Bright Side sunny, so i know there are those who strive to become authentic leaders. I just know it. This world may be imperfect, cruel, and all the negative adjectives you may think of, but i know there is still some goodness and I got a feeling it still prevails. So yeah, i'm not losing hope, i know there are these types of leaders. I desire to be one. Shocked hope the rest feels this way too.

    Chris Brown thinks he can be SUPERHUMAN, why can't we? hehe kidding. loosen up flower i've been mentioning this again and again, that i think the purpose of models and theories, in general is to guide us as we strive to be better or to be the best we can be. it doesn't necessarily mean that we have to be perfect in order to achieve whatever they are prescribing. ANd to me, being SUPERHUMAN is to be able to realize your potential, maximizing and actualizing it. Smile no need for perfection, since the word HUMAN is still there. Smile


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    Post  Noriel_Pili on Mon 18 Jul 2011, 3:03 pm

    That is a very good point of view kichi. We define age as a number of fruitful and meaningful experience. I agree with you that all nurses are leaders, we may not be in a high rank position but we can influence others in our own little way and still makes a difference.

    Mabuhay cheers

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